Auberge-Camping Tafraoute Montagnes

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Tafraoute Montagnes Auberge Camping


  Tafraoute Montanges Auberge propose a 4x4 car with driver in all tours depending on your choice.You will discover many landscapes of Morocco.The travellers with their Motorbikes and bicycles can use them in the region.

·              Kasbah and Khettara Tour:  You will visit the ruins of the big Oubahallou Kasbah,then cross the sandy river of ghress.Also,you will have the chance to visit and walk in the palm trees of Tafraoute and Ramlia with its underground irrigation system and the traditional use of water.

·              Fossils tours: Discover the Antiatlas Mountains knowns by fossils like Trilobites,Ammonites and Goniatites...

·              Village Tour: You will discover the traditional Berber bread baked in the hot sand ,and you will patricipate in the local feminin workshops in the villages.

·              Bivouacs in the desert


·              Circuits Oasis


You will discover the palm trees oasis surrounded by the sand and you will discover the technics used against the errosion.During your tour,you will see many crops in the oasis like corn,maize,beans,henna and cumin.At the sametime,the local animals like gaots,and sheep which are the main living of the nomads.


·              It is possible to have a chance to have the henna in your hands(females) by local women.